People looking for ingredients for traditional dishes. Foodies looking to try something new. These are the consumers our range is designed for. Tok Food helps you meet the requirements of a Turkish supermarket and keep your customers happy. Together, we can bring culinary dishes with nostalgic flair into your customers’ kitchens. 

We think proactively!

Thanks to our experience in this marketplace, we know all about consumer needs both at home and abroad. We supply high-quality products, and are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about product placement or designing a product range. And we are always up-to-date: we adjust our range and our prices season by season, on an ongoing basis. So you can rest assured that our prices and products are always up to date.


We are always working to improve our service and logistics processes for our customers. In our online shop you will find lots of useful information about our products. Please feel free to enquire about our field sales representatives who can visit your premises and help you create a concept on site. We are happy to consult with you and offer advice if you are opening a new outlet or converting an existing one.