Are your customers looking for ethnic goceries for their day-to-day food shop? But would you also like to offer them products they have never come across before? Over the past few years, international cuisine has become increasingly fashionable. Cooking programmes, blogs and magazines regularly feature all kinds of diverse dishes. And your shelves need to keep adapting to reflect these modern trends. Tok Food can help you create an up-to-the-minute Turkish product range, including a merchandising plan. We can adjust the range to suit your space. The concept can also be adapted to keep pace with changing demand.

We think proactively!

Retail is familiar terrain for Tok Food. We have our finger on the pulse, and we like to keep surprising our customers with innovations from the food industry. We provide not only high-quality products but personal service, too. And we care about your business and your clientele. We individually advise and support every single customer.

Service and quality

We invest in our own market studies and analyses. This means we know all about the demands and requirements of our customers, as well as their end customers. TOK Food is IFS (Higher Level) certified and meets all current standards. With our own quality department and regular checks we make sure our products are always in perfect condition. We offer service at the highest level.